Central road bridge, Atyrau


The bridge is located in the heart of the city, at the site of Abay Avenue – the main street of city value with an adjustable movement. It was built under the project in 1965 the institute “Giprokommundortrans”.

The role of this bridge is symbolic: because the river Ural in this area lies the boundary between the European and Asian part of the territory of Kazakhstan, it is considered that the bridge connects Europe with Asia.

As a result of the 1998 survey, the condition of the bridge was found to be unsatisfactory under the terms of safe operation and long life, and therefore the decision was made about the need to repair all the designs of the bridge.

Bridge plan – line crosses the Ural River at 90 °, longitudinal section – convex (radius of about 2500 m), the highest point in the middle of the bridge.

  • bridge circuit: 2 x 33 m + 32 m + 63 m + 32 m + 33 m;
  • length of the bridge – 261 m;
  • width between the railings of the bridge – 19 m;
  • the width of the carriageway – 14 meters;
  • the width of pavement along the edges of the roadway – 2 m;
  • navigable bays in the world – 62 m;
  • clearances – for class I river.

Right-bank and left bank spans – cutting prefabricated, reinforced concrete, non-diaphragm, prestressed, a length of about 33m. Channel span girder-console, reinforced with pre-stressed reinforcement, and consists of two girder cantilever superstructures length of 48 m and a length of 30 m span suspension. Racks piers reinforced, monolithic, with a diameter of 1.5 m in steps of 4.8 m along the support. Approaches made in retaining walls. Covering roadway and pavement – asphalt.

Completed works:

  • Examination of the state of concrete structures and reinforcement in the slab-girder cantilever bridge superstructures;
  • Complete replacement of all elements of the deck: waterproofing, its protective layer of asphalt concrete pavement, expansion joints, construction of sidewalks, railings, fences roadway lighting poles;
  • Restoration of the protective layer of concrete in the field of destruction, increasing water resistance of the protective layer on all surfaces;
  • Sealing cracks in the span structures, girders, piers and retaining walls;
  • Repairing the anchor rod bearings girder cantilever span structures on the second and fifth bearings and roller bearings of the bridge;
  • Fix the longitudinal profile on the approaches to the bridge;
  • Device inspection fixtures on poles and span structures;
  • The device protective and decorative coating on the retaining walls, and structures for pipelines;
  • Installing concrete fence roadway and metal railing;
  • Adjustment of lighting racks.

Work on the reconstruction of the bridge made with high quality and compliance with all the requirements for the environmental preservation of the environment.


  1. Location: Atyrau
  2. Project: overhaul and reconstruction
  3. Customer: Atyrau region Mayer of Kazakhstan
  4. General Contractor: LLP “Bonita Engineering”
  5. Project Organization: Institute “ProektMostorekonstruktsiya” (Saratov)
  6. Project implementation term: from April to September 1999