Gasification of Atyrau region


Since December 1999 the Group entered into BONITA companies working on the construction of gas pipelines in the Atyrau region of high and medium pressure of various diameters.

In 2000-2005. by LLP “AtyrauGazStroy” BONITA included in the group of companies laying pipelines with a total length of over 675 km was carried out, which allowed to gasify more than 60 thousand houses and apartments. Completed and delivered “turnkey” operation in 102 settlements in Atyrau region, including municipal, industrial and civil objects.


1. Akzhar village, Atyrau region
2. Tomarly village ,1 turn
3. Tomarly stage village ,2 turn
4. Green village, Inderskiy region
5. Orlik village, Inderskiy region
6. Kulagin village, Inderskiy region
7. Chkalovo village
8. Mahambet village
9. Chapaevo village ,Isataiskiy District
10. Tank farm
11. Kurilkina village
12. Jambul village
13. Geologist village, Atyrau region
14. Dam village
15. The Caspian Sea md., Atyrau
16. Novobogat village , Isataisliy District
17. Kurmangazy village
18. Saraichik village, Makhambetskiy district
19. Sartogay village, Makhambetskiy district and others.