University K. Dosmukhamedov name , Atyrau


University building is located on the right bank of the Ural River and is designed to train 1,200 students. Construction of new housing was carried out in the University between 1987 and 1989, the forces of urban construction companies and stopped after the construction of the building shell as a result of the termination of funding. In 1999 the company “Bonita Engineering” completed the construction of a new building and put into operation at the University.

Completed works:

  • survey of existing building structures of the box;
  • dismantling of reinforced concrete pylons on the facade of the building (3000 m2);
  • building facade coating device siding (3000 m2);
  • repair of roofing and waterproofing (1720 m2);
  • finishing the interior walls (13, 000 m2);
  • dismantle the existing electrical substation and commissioning of a new transformer substation;
  • installation of a new electric power equipment, lighting, fire alarm, heating, ventilation, television and low-voltage systems;
  • installation of suspension «ARMSTRONG» ceilings with recessed light fixtures (6300 m2);
  • work floors device (6300 m2);
  • installation of windows, entrance, vestibule of the main entrance with the use of aluminum profiles and tinted glass units (980 m2).


  1. Location: Atyrau
  2. Project: major repairs, reconstruction and new construction
  3. Customer: Atyrau Mayer, Kazakhstan
  4. General Contractor: LLP “Bonita Engineering”
  5. Project implementation term: from January to August 1999