The complex of buildings suburban residence, Uralsk


The complex of buildings of suburban government residence was built and put into operation in 50-ies. According to a survey in 2001, it was decided to overhaul the buildings.

Completed works:

  • strengthening the foundations of the guest house;
  • finishing the facades of the guest house and restaurant;
  • replacement and repairmen of engineering systems;
  • redevelopment of premises in the restaurant and their interior;
  • replacement of door and window frames and furniture;
  • interior of the guest house and develop options for its interiors.


  1. Location: Uralsk
  2. Project: overhaul and reconstruction
  3. Customer: West Kazakhstan Mayer ,  Kazakhstan
  4. General Contractor: LLP “Bonita Engineering”
  5. Project Organization: ZAO “Techno Congress” (Moscow)
  6. Project implementation term: from May to August 2001