Residential complex “Nursaia” South Quarter in Astana


The construction of the complex “Nursaya” was an integral part of the program “Astana – new city”.

12 multiple-storied residential complex in the picturesque area on the left bank of the River Ishim. The total volume of construction – about 156 thousand sq. M. m., including housing and infrastructure facilities.

In the design and construction of the facility to the smallest details have been thought out architecture, the shape and number of storeys of buildings, layout and the interior of the apartments, the overall technical and functional equipment of the complex.

The complex, Baiterek-facing area and located in the vicinity of the Presidential Palace, Diplomatic town, the buildings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defence, is one of the attractions of the left-bank part of the capital.


  1. City: Astana
  2. Project: new construction
  3. Customer-developer: LLP “Bonita Engineering“
  4. Project implementation period: 2003 – 2007
  5. The volume of construction: of 156 thousand square meters