Pedestrian bridge across the river Ural, Atyrau


The longest pedestrian bridge across the river Ural (listed in the Guinness Book of Records). The bridge was called “10 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, connects the town recreation area near Victory Park and the residential town of Atyrau oil refinery.

The bridge is designed for pedestrians and emergency vehicles driving single full weight up to 12 tons. Left-bank floodplain of the river blocked sevenlined overpass, on the right bank – Dual Span trestle over the river bed part – hanging three-span structure.

This is the only pedestrian cable-stayed bridge in Kazakhstan. The complex is built of reinforced concrete with the use of modern materials and technologies, including:

  • Clearing the bridge circuit: 7h21 m + 42 m + 126 m + 42 m + 2h21 m;
  • The length of the bridge – 551 m;
  • Length of the bridge – 405 m;
  • The length of the left-bank approach – 30 m;
  • The length of the right-bank approach – 116 m;
  • The width of the pedestrian part of the bridge – 4.5 m;
  • The maximum height of the bridge on the horizon low-flow water to the bottom of the span – about 13 m;
  • Coverage of the passer – asphalt;
  • Bridge Pylons, metal, welded, box-section;
  • The distance between the axes of the pylons racks – 7 m;
  • Two carrying cable hanging system made of four cables with a diameter of 72 mm.

Completed works:

  • pre-construction site preparation about 5 hectares;
  • earthworks around 6000 m3;
  •  laying monolithic concrete – about 1800 m3;
  • laying of more than 1500 m3 of reinforced concrete structures used, including in the construction of the right bank of the ramp, stair descents, temporary structures, mooring;
  • installation of about 500 tons of reinforcement used in monolithic and prefabricated bridge and metal spans a total weight of 560 tons;
  • installation of the hanging bridge system (total length – 900 m, total weight – about 29 tons). Hanging system formed of four 72 mm diameter ropes;
  • floor construction and special paint piers «Steelpaint»
  • the unit of asphalt concrete pavement of the bridge
  • manufacturing and installation of the fence of the bridge
  • the lighting and lighting of the bridge
  • painting of structures bridge
  • bank protection works


  1. Location: Atyrau
  2. Project: new construction
  3. Customer: Atyrau region Mayer , Kazakhstan
  4. General Contractor: LLP “Bonita Engineering”
  5. Project Organization: Institute “ProektMostorekonstruktsiya” (Saratov)
  6. Project implementation term: from November 2000 to December 2001