Pedestrian area, st. Teatralnaya (Ural “Arbat”), Uralsk


The pedestrian zone 12 m wide located in the historic center of the city Nurpeisov street (Theater) from Dostyk – Friendship (Lenin) to Kurmangazy street (Furmanov), including ​​Abai square. After the reconstruction has become one of the most popular walks in Urals and mass events holding.

Completed works:

  • dismantling of concrete blocks, pavement and structures;
  • base unit of sandy and dry mixes (about 720 m3);
  • stone blocks pavements (about 7300 m2);
  • installation of granite curbs (960 linear meters);
  • area lighting device with cable laying (600 linear meters) and installation of lighting poles (12 pcs.).


  1. Location: Uralsk
  2. Project: Reconstruction
  3. Customer: West Kazakhstan Mayer,  Kazakhstan
  4. General Contractor: LLP “Bonita Engineering”
  5. Project implementation term: from May to September 2001