Bank protection structures and embankment, Atyrau


The threat of flooding in the city during the period of seasonal flooding has caused the need to work to strengthen the shores of the Ural River. Shore protection works were carried out on the site with a total length of about 1,200 meters from the city Akimat building the hotel “Caspian”.

Structurally, the bank stabilization is an earthen dam, reinforced on the sides of monolithic and precast concrete slabs resting at the base of the dam on the thrust bar.

Since the promenade is a favorite place for rest and walking residents, the company «Bonita Engineering» paid special attention also to its aesthetic design of the pedestrian.

The pedestrian area waterfront has a width of 5 meters and is covered with curly paving tiles, and is framed by the river reinforced concrete parapet height of 1 m and equipped with comfortable stair gatherings. Embankment around its perimeter lights illuminated with three spherical lamps.

Completed works:

  • geological and topographical survey of bank protection area;
  • dumping of earth dam (volume backfilled soil – about 16 300 m3);
  • laying of more than 1 500 m3 reinforced and precast concrete for the outer and inner side of the dam;
  • installation of more than 3,500 m3 of gravel filter in the inverse of the dam;
  • manufacturing and installation of three stair descents;
  • laying of approximately 6 000 m2 of paving slabs in the pedestrian area;
  • Installation of lighting poles with trehrozhkovymi spherical lamps.

On bank protection works were performed on a high level of engineering and architecture in compliance with all safety requirements and environmental protection. Shore protection device does not change the prevailing hydrological conditions, therefore violations of fish habitat will occur. The project provides work production technology, which excludes industrial pollution of the river hydro or production drilling and blasting works.
In general, the construction of the embankment, taking into account the design solutions retains the natural hydrological regime and provides the required current regulations environmental safety.


  1. Location: Atyrau
  2. Project: new construction
  3. Customer: Atyrau region Mayer, Kazakhstan
  4. General Contractor: LLP “Bonita Engineering”
  5. Project Organization: Institute “ProektMostorekonstruktsiya” (Saratov)
  6. Project implementation term: from March to December 2000